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First capital of Brazil, Salvador is now known as the "capital of happiness" title it won due to the acclaimed hospitality of its people and the wide range of cultural and entertainment activities. Salvador, the capital of Bahia, provides a mixture of its unparalleled natural beauty, overlooking the Bay of All Saints, with a great historical and artistic collection, differentiated cuisine of African origin and much more. A perfect blend of people, smells, colors and flavors that you should not miss.


Numerous tourism attractions to enjoy the best sights, beaches and restaurants of Salvador,
always from the point of view of those who live the city.

Sun and Sea

Salvador’s best beaches, from sunrise to sunset.


An essential tour within the wide range of religious attractions available in the city.

Historical Attractions

A dip into the history of Brazil through treasures from the first capital of the country.

Culture and Tourism

What you cannot miss in this land that is the cradle of culture for Brazil and the world.


In the capital of happiness, there are many cultural and entertainment options for all tastes and budgets. Here you find everything that happens in the city: music, theater, dance, exhibitions, sporting and business events, and everything else that is going on in Salvador.


More than 300 restaurants for all tastes, from the trivial to the exotic, including traditional African - Bahian cuisine, contemporary restaurants and even food trucks.

Regional Food

Meeting place of the different regions of Bahia with options of typical dishes from around the state.

Bahian Food

To find out what it is, and what is on the Bahiana’s food tray.

Crab and Mussels

The complete list of bars with the most popular Salvador happy hour appetizers.


From the Italian cantinas and Bahian pizzas, for every taste.


Detailed information on the city's hotel network so that the visitor can choose the option that best fits his travel plan.

Bahia Othon Palace

Avenida Oceânica,2294 - Ondina

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Viva Salvador

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